Entangled lives of geological ancestry, deep time and ever-turning matter.

Weaving together the intimacies of dying, from the personal to those across deep geological time and the celestial expanse, Undead Matter navigates the organic and non-organic lives that resurface rhythmically over millennia.

Undead Matter has emerged through intersecting conversations with artists, poets, dancers, writers and musicians, as well as cryomicrobiologists, death doulas, paleogeologists, permafrost geographers, mineralogists, archaeoastronomers, woodworkers, quantum physicists, bondage masters, cryonics speculators, indigenous elders and others met along the way. Each collaborator offers their own perspective on our place within the infinite impermanence of universal matter: past, present and possible.

Undead Matter considers the universality of death, extinction and ever reforming matter as phenomena to understand existence: alive with agency, permeating the contemporary and redirecting futures.


Contributions by: Oreet Ashery; Appau Jnr Boakye-Yiadom; Bo Choy; Mary Helena Clark; Shezad Dawood; Tori Herridge; Daisy Hildyard; Karen Lloyd; Myung Mi Kim; Okwui Okpokwasili; Astrida Nemanis; Flora Parrott; Himali Singh Soin; Kathryn Yusoff; Chandra Wickramasinghe; and others unfolding.


Initiated and convened by Sophie J Williamson.



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