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Existing Between
Writer, Daisy Hildyard in conversation with marine microbiologist, Karen Lloyd about 100-thousand-year-old microbes, which hover somewhere within a murky existence between organic and mineral, the living and the non-living.

Slow Life
Filmmaker, Shezad Dawood in conversation with Prof Mark Nutall, about 500-year-old Greenlandic sharks, the longest known lifespan of all vertebrate species

Marking Silence
Poet, Myung Mi Kim in conversation with geographer, Kathryn Yusoff about the lives and histories demarcated amongst rock strata

Permafrost Hydrofeminism
Cultural theorist, Astrida Neimanis in conversation with permafrost hydrologist, Nikita Tananaev, discussing the cultural, philosophical and ecological implications of permafrost thawing and movement of ancient ecosystems.

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