No.4: Notations

In the spaces delineated between Myung Mi Kim’s words, Mount Rundle’s strata, Roni Horn’s birds and Mary Helena Clark’s fleeting objects and sounds, lie potent silences full of the unarticulated, the unsayable, the unknown and the lingering presence of the no-more. – SJW Myung Mi Kim, accumulation of land (2009)   Myung Mi Kim […]

No.3: Imprints

Okwui Okpokwasili, Bronx Gothic [excerpt] Okpokwasili’s practice takes on a process of desedimentation of the black female body, uncovering and reading its ingrained ancestorial narratives. Read more… In her collective performance, Sitting on a Man’s Head, inspired by one of many forms of protest practiced by Nigerian women in 1929 in defiance of colonial […]